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New model JIPA JUMP 101DS (2×29 litres)

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Jipa Universal Multifunction Pan (JUMP)

JIPA is a Czech company that has been developing and producing electric multifunction JIPA JUMP devices used for cooking and food preparation with automatic basket lifting. They are products of an all-Czech company that has its own production machinery and tools and expert skills. The company has had long-term knowledge and practical experience in production of top-quality gastronomic devices in the entire scope of catering operations from five-star hotels through day-time restaurants, high-capacity canteens to diet-based catering facilities and catering facilities for children.


Have a look at our offer of JIPA JUMP electric multifunction devices with automatic basket lifting. DEVICE SELECTION


We offer professional accessories that facilitate handling and increase efficiency when cooking. Our offer includes handling carts, oil carts and electric handling carts. ACCESSORIES SELECTION

Advantages of our products

Let’s have a look at the technological advantages of our products. You will be able to prepare food in a fast, safe and efficient manner while saving water, time and energy. Controlling our devices is easy and efficient.


Save energy when cooking, frying and preparing food. You will save both time and money thanks to our unique technology.


Automatic water filling system with an accuracy of 1 dcl. You will protect the environment and at the same time save money that you pay for water.


Prepare your food quickly and efficiently and save your time.


Control the device easily using a 10″ colour touchscreen with intuitive control.


Prepare your food in the best quality possible! With our technology you will be able to do that easily.


The operation and maintenance is very easy and you will be able to maintain the device without any difficulties.


Our devices adhere to strict occupational safety standards.



  • Depressurizing is achieved without spraying and water consumption
  • Special layered bottom ensures very good temperature distribution all the way to the corners of the pan.
  • JPX 17 – heating system with full-area heat distribution made of high-quality steel
  • Special insulation of the container and the lid ensures minimum electricity consumption
  • Service access form the front and upper part of the machine
  • Separate water and electricity installations ensure safe operation
  • The control elements and wiring system can be installed on the left side or on the right side based on the customer’s requirements
  • Basket arm detection safety switch
  • Automatic basket lifting with independent motor that can also be used with the lid closed
  • Redundant steam escape through an opening in the centre of the lid
  • A version that can be mounted to construction or CNS plinth
  • A module for connecting two devices
  • Basic equipment

  • Automatic water filling system with an accuracy of 1 dcl
  • Electro-mechanical container tilting with two speed options
  • Multi-point probe
  • Integrated shower with automatic winding and metal head
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Liquid amount gauge
  • USB port for data back-up and
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • Control panel

  • Colour 10″ touchscreen with intuitive control
  • Language mutations
  • Technological procedures
  • Allows saving custom programs
  • Indication of set and current values
  • Technical and service information
  • Displays alarms
  • Device construction

  • Material: AISI 304, minimum thickness 3 mm
  • Container material: AISI 316
  • Special sandwich bottom of the container
  • Safety lid control process prevents accidents
  • Central wall- or floor-based connection to water supply, drainage and electricity

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